Administering First Aid

First Aid Kits First Aid kits are in each Coaches kit. As well, there is a large First Aid kit located in the Soccer Shed at Ma-te-way Park.

Injuries All injuries are to be reported to the coach as soon as possible. The coach is required to contact the convener or head coach.

In all instances where medical treatment is required, an OSA accident investigation form must be completed as soon as possible. The forms can be found in the Soccer Storage Shed at Ma-te-way Park. Please contact the Risk Manager or an Executive Member as soon as possible to have them assist with completing the form.

Medical Clearance Any player who has suffered from an instance of concussion, head injury or any severe injury must provide a doctor's note to the coach, with the Risk Manager receiving a copy of the note. This is mandatory before the player will be allowed back on the field.

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