Risk Management Policy

Rules for Coaches and Volunteers
Coaches and Volunteers - Criminal Check Coaches and Volunteers must submit to a mandatory criminal background check every three years through the Renfrew OPP and provide this document to the Club Head Referee (Robert Guyt 432-9148), prior to play or interaction with players.

Coaches and Volunteers - Travel Coaches and Volunteers are not allowed to travel to and from games alone with a single player unless another adult or another player is present and the parents have verbally consented to allow the travel to occur.

Suspicious Behaviour Any suspicious behaviour at all RMSA -sanctioned events must be reported to coaches, conveners, the Risk Manager or other Executive Members. Call 911 if you are concerned. Do not approach the individual, wait until the police are present and have them approach and verify your concerns. Suspicious behaviour may include but is not limited to:

Impaired drivers around the event area (call police) or any violent or abusive conduct by a parent, coach, spectator. Call police if the conduct is severe.

Equipment Required for Safety
Cleats Cleats are mandatory for U10-U18 and are optional but not mandatory for U8-U10. Cleats are not required at the U6 level.

Shin Guards All players, U6-U18 must wear shin guards covered by socks or they can not play.

Jerseys Jerseys must be tucked in at all times while players on on the field for U10-U18.

Jewellery Watches, earrings, rings, chains etc. cannot be worn on the field for U10-U18. If the earring is irremovable, it must be covered with tape.

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