Caution Summary Form

Every Referee needs to keep copies of this in their game bag. Issuance of a Yellow Card requires that this to be filled out and sent to the League or Club with the Game Sheet.


Special Incident Form

This is a Special Incident Form that all Referees must use to report abuse, either verbal or physical and Coach dismissals. This form must be completed and given to the League or Club as required.

Dismissal Form

This Dismissal Form needs to be carried by every Referee in case they issue a Red Card, dismissing a player. The form must be submitted to the League or Club as required, with the Game Sheet.


Application to Travel Form

This Travel Application Form must be submitted for all out-of-District play.

OSA Misconduct Penalties

The Ontario Soccer Association list of Standard Penalties for Misconduct can be found

Mini Soccer Laws of the Game

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