We have attempted to anticipate your questions.  Should you not find your answer here, please contact the appropriate Executive Member.

Q?  What is the format for my division?

A.    2019 Division Info.    Please click on this link

Q?  Where will the games be played?

A.   Game Locations   Please click on this link

Q?  What is my child required to wear?

  • U6 & U8 - Players are provided with a jersey as well as shorts and socks from our sponsor: Tim Hortons. Players must provide their own shin guards and soccer cleats.  Please note: shorts and socks may not fit all players as sizes are limited to what we receive from the sponsor.
  • U10-U19 - Each player will be provided with a team jersey, shorts and socks.  Players must provide their own shin guards and soccer cleats.

Q?  Can my child play with jewellery or earrings?

No item of jewellery of any sort will be allowed on the field of play, even if it is taped.  This includes but is not limited to necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, leather or rubber bands or visible body piercings.  Loose beaded hair is also not permitted unless tied back or covered by a net.  This rule follows Law 4 issued by the Canadian Soccer Association and is in place to ensure the safety of everyone on the field.  DO NOT GET YOUR CHILD ANY PIERCING DURING THE SOCCER SEASON, THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY WITH STUDS IN.  

Q?  Practice / Game cancellations due to extreme weather?


  • U6, U8 & U10 & U12 -  if 90 minutes before your official start time, the humidex is equal to or greater than 37C, the session shall be cancelled
  • U14 - U19 - if 90 minutes before your official start time, the humidex is equal to or greater than 40C, the session shall be cancelled  


  • Lightning- PRACTICE (U12-U19) - if lightning can be seen from the field, the practice will be cancelled by the coach
  • Lightning- GAME (U10-U19) - this decision is only made by the Referee and is made at the field at start time or during the game following the CSA Lightning Policy

Q?  Do practices / games take place if it is raining?

A.    Yes, all of our divisions (including U6 & U8) will take place if it is raining.

Q?  Are parents expected to participate?

Without participation of parents soccer cannot happen in our community.  Whether that is stepping up to be a coach, or to offer assistance to the coach during the season, your participation is appreciated.  Parents are responsible for their children while they are on and off the field.  We ask that parents not leave their child unattended at practices or games. Please remember that during games in divisions U12-U19, parents must sit on the spectator side of the field, which is the opposite side to where the players are.

Q?  How can I sign up as a coach/assistant coach?

We always need a LOT of volunteer coaches as well as assistants.  If you are willing to coach or assist please check the appropriate box when registering your child. Do not worry about not being familiar with the sport, the club will provide coaches with sample drills and have a coaches info session before the season starts to go over basic skills.

Q?  Will you be able to accept friend requests for team mates?

A.   In order to ensure teams can be balanced properly, we cannot guarantee friend requests for U12-U19 levels.  Siblings who are signed up to play in the same division will automatically be placed on the same team.

Q?   When will I find out which team my child is on?

Once teams are finalized you will be contacted, either via email or phone, by your team's coach with your team information. Game nights and practice nights for each division are indicated in their division section under "Parents Info".

Q?    My child is an exceptional player, can he/she play up a division?

A.     Players playing outside their assigned division is not very common.  In order to play up a division your child must be evaluated as exceptional across several categories by either the club's head coach, or a designated head coach from a neighboring club, using official documentation as outlined by the Ontario Soccer Association.  Please sign up in the correct division based on year of birth during registration, and contact our President AND Director of Coaches for any further information. 

Q?  What is the retreat line?

A.     When the goalkeeper has the ball at a goal kick or after making a save, the opposing team members will "retreat" to the predetermined area of the field. With the opposition retreating to  the correct part of the field, the goalkeeper can now successfully throw or pass the ball to a team mate without pressure.  Once the player receiving the ball from the goalkeeper receives the ball, the ball is in play and the opposition players can pressure and attempt to win the ball

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